Breaking the inevitable modern architectural space and simultaneously opening a unique and appealing style, the Duplex apartments in GoldSeason at 47 Nguyen Tuan certainly become the “fever” of the real estate market in the high-class housing segment in this March.

Originated from Manhattan where most the US elite forces and famous artists live, Duplex can be called as “New York living style” apartments. It is a perfect combination from the location, design and construction to the completion of apartments with suitable area for Vietnamese living standard. Duplex apartments in GoldSeason not only satisfy these above conditions but also bring the owners benefits as a vision to the city with great Panorama view. This is the key advantage which makes Duplex apartments as one of the Top choices for a high-grade, modern and comfortable life.

duplex-goldseason-summer 02

The high-class style of the Duplex apartment owner will be displayed in a deft and subtle way.

To be designed as American style, Duplex apartments own elegant and luxurious contours. Each penthouse in GoldSeason is designed with more airy and wide sides which shows the elegance and class of each room.

In term of the “quality”, the Duplex apartments in GoldSeason are not inferior in comparison with Penthouse or Sky Villas. The nature of these Duplex apartments is displaying the luxury of the owner in a deft and subtle way.


Beautiful – high quality – class are descriptions of the Duplex apartments in GoldSeason at 47 Nguyen Tuan (Illustration)

Duplex Apartment offers the owners the enjoyment of two-floor living space as the ground house with a wide and airy space which is convenient for family activities. The 1st floor used for public living space can be designed into a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom. The second floor is a space dedicated to design the extremely reasonable and high-class bedroom which maximizes the owner’s living space.


Duplex apartments in GoldSeason are designed based on the apartments 64,4m2 × 2 of Summer 2 (N02) building. Therefore, the owners live independently and peacefully as living in a villa and fully enjoy all of the N02 supreme utilities such as the romantic overflow pools, extremely modern and fancy gym room. There are green gardens, cool walking way, Manhattan parks, high-quality campuses below the apartments… All of them give a comfortable and high-class life which no project can get.


Class – Original – Beautiful and naturally, the number of apartments is limited (each floor has only one apartment in Summer 2 building). Duplex apartments in GoldSeason at 47 Nguyen Tuan are only for the owners who really desire to enjoy a quality life with Green – Clean – Beautiful – Comfortable habitat in accordance with the owner’s class.

Holding class values, Duplex apartments in GoldSeason is expected to be “sold out” quickly and become a “fever” of the real estate market in the high-class housing segment in this March. Please do not hesitate to contact us for getting priorities to purchase apartments which match with you.